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Alien Tooth Knockdown

Throw bean bags at the alien to knock out his teeth.

Can Knockdown

Colors Game

Duck Hunt, Knock-Down

Knock down 3 ducks to win.

End Zone (football toss)

Thow the foot ball to the reciever to win the game.

Fast Ball

Throw beanbag baseballs at the catchers mitt to get a strike and win!

Lucky Sucker

Pick the sucker with the market stick and win a prize, if not you get to keep the sucker. Yum! *****Lollipops are not included.******

Pinko Mini


Who wants to play the Plinko game? Come on down and test your skills with this blue Plinko game. Just let the disk drop and see where it will end up. Land multiple disks in the same numbered row to win. Easy to operate, maintain, and attend.

Potty Toss

Toss the balls into the potty to win

Ring Toss

Rope Toss

Safari Roundup

Sharp Shooter, Can knock-down

Toss bean bags and try to knock down only the center can.


Get the wand to the bottom of the rod and back to the top to win. Touch the rod and a buzzer will sound.

Under The Sea - Mini Golf

Under the Sea is a portable Putt Putt game. Putt the ball through the coral to hit the cup.

Hot Potato Game

Hot Potato is a new interactive inflatable game that will test your skills. The object is to pass the ball (purple and green balls shown in pics) from one column of air to the next. Air flows from the top of each cone and makes the ball "float". The first person to get the ball from one end and into the basket at the other end wins. Great for team building. A six person relay team takes turns passing the ball from one cone to the other.

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