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Obstacle Courses / Sports Fun

Human Billiards (Pool Table)

24' Obstacle Course

30' Radical Run Obstacle

Race through this massive 30 foot obstacle course on this extreme Radical Run Inflatable Obstacle. It can be attached to our 35' foot obstacle to make a continuous obstacle course for a total of 65 feet!

35' Radical Run Obstacle Course

This massive 35' obstacle course is a must for your event of any kind. 

Wrecking Ball

The Wrecking Ball game involves 3-5 players. One player stands on the pedestal in the middle of the ring while players from the outside swing large, soft tethered balls at them trying to knock them off. The Wrecking Ball is perfect for any age.

9 Hole mini golf putt putt

This is an outstanding miniature 9 hole mini putt golf course for those of all ages and abilities.

Gaga Pit

The famous Gaga Pit Game brought to you in a inflatable version for your pleasure. The Gaga Pit game can be played by a group of individuals versing each other, by teams, or in one-on-one matches. This Gaga Pit is 18' x 16' and has plenty of room for up to 6 players at a time. Let your players test out their dodging skills with this Gaga Pit game. Can be a good compliment for indoor play centers, sporting facilities, or for corporate events, school events, and competitive sporting events.

Hose Hockey

Hose Hockey brings the fun and excitement of Foosball to your backyard party! In this game, players compete against each other to score goals on this inflatable arena. The balls are propelled using jets of air from nozzles located on the sides of the game.


This deluxe basketball game will challenge players with its different sized hoops and long distance shot.

Mini Football Challenge

Challenge your friends to see who is the best QB! Mini Football Challenge is an interactive game where players try tossing the football through the various target holes.

Mini Soccer Challenge

Challenge your friends to our inflatable soccer challenge! Players kick the soccer ball trying to score a goal in one of the cut outs in the backdrop.

Speed PItch


Inflatable Twister Game. Its an inflatable game board, no it's twister... no it's both! This unit is a combination of the classic party game, and inflatable technology is available now. Watch as your family or friends do their best to twist in an assortment of contortion to see who will be the reigning champion.

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