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Bounce Combos (Wet / Dry)
Pirate Combo - Wet / Dry

Pirate Combo - Wet / Dry

This is the inflatable bounce house for land lovers and sea lovers alike. Just as the name suggests, the Pirate Combo Wet or Dry can be used with the misting hose turned on for a wet slide, or with the hose left off for a regular slide experience. The rest of the inflatable slide features two menacing skull and bones flags, images of two cartoon pirates protecting their treasure, and a pirate ship. The Pirate Combo Wet or Dry is simply great for the heat. It has an enclosed bouncy area to shade children from the sun so they don't leave the party dehydrated and sunburned. It is also the safest way for kids to go exploring for buried treasure.

Size: 28' x 13' x 14'
Space Required:


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